Kitchen Renos: The Dos and Don’ts of Sticking to a Small Budget

Kitchen Renos: The Dos and Don’ts of Sticking to a Small Budget

The kitchen is often the most expensive room in the home to renovate. If your budget for this project is small, there are some things you should prioritize … and others you should avoid!


1— Having to Employ an Electrician

It’s important to call on an electrician when required, but their services don’t come cheap. Ideally, plan your new kitchen without tinkering with the existing wiring, i.e. leave electrical outlets in the same place and rethink the layout around them.

2— Installing a Pricy Backsplash

When it comes to backsplashes, the choices are endless! The various colours, styles, textures, shapes all compete for your attention. If your budget is limited, however, opt for low-end ceramic or porcelain models. And low-end does not mean it has to be an eyesore! A low-cost backsplash can be splendid if it is well chosen. All you need to do is choose tiles in a trendy shape and neutral colour.

3— Replacing a Perfectly Good Floor

Is the kitchen floor scratched or worn in only a few areas? You can try to hide imperfections with an area rug. Is the flooring material in good condition but a little outdated? Incorporated it to your new decor instead of pulling it out. For example, coloured tiles can live in perfect harmony with a white tone-on-tone kitchen.

4— Replacing All the Cabinets

The cost of completely replacing your kitchen’s cabinets is very steep, even if you decide to install a budget model. The best thing is to keep the cabinets you have but reface everything with a trendy veneer. This is the most affordable solution when they are in fairly good condition.

5— Busting Your Budget on the Appliances

It is the overall look that defines a kitchen, and the appliances are not what should stand out the most. On the contrary, current trends tend to seek to minimize their visual impact, even make them disappear behind panels or recess them into cabinets. Don’t spend all your money on luxury brands: a beautiful black, white or stainless-steel mid-range refrigerator will look just as good.


1— Using “Oops” Paint

Did you know that several paint stores sell off ready-to-use gallons every month? These products are often the result of tinting errors, which is why they are sold at a discount. You will be amazed by what you will find!

2— Removing the Light Valances

Are your kitchen’s neon light valances betraying its age? Removing them is simple, cost-effective and efficient. It may be all the revamping this room needs. Try it and see.

3— Recovering the Chairs

People love to place bar stools or bistro chairs around the kitchen island to create a practical seating area. When the leather or fabric covering has become worn, though, they tend to simply throw them out. But before you do, try a new cover! Several online companies sell stylish fabric slipcovers.

4— Purchasing a Prefabricated Countertop

It can be tempting to treat yourself to a custom-made or a quartz countertop that will turn heads. But these materials can blow your budget! Big-box stores sell prefabricated countertops well suited to the sleek look of a contemporary kitchen. Before you turn your nose up at them, go take a look … you might be surprised at how attractive the options are!

5— Extend the Room (if You Can!)

If a large kitchen is a selling point in any house, increasing the kitchen’s footprint may very well increase your home’s market value. In some instances, the kitchen’s configuration is such that it is easy to extend it without having to renovate the adjacent room. If this is the case for you, carefully consider this option … it will pay off in the long run!

When it comes to real estate, kitchen renovations are always a worthwhile investment. And you may be amazed by what you can accomplish even with a restricted budget!

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